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Make sharing in your repository the simplest way to increase your author’s impact.

Sharing should be simple. We make sure that deposit into your repository means only dragging and dropping a paper by automatically doing all the hard work for depositors. It’ll be free, open source, community owned and easily set up in minutes.

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By making deposit simple, and enabling every repository to upgrade easily, together we can transform self-archiving, in process and perception, to make dramatically more content open access in an equitable way. It’s free, so anyone can use it, but we need your leadership to sustain it.


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  • with all the features above.


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  • with all the features above.
  • Coversheets we'll provide branded coversheets to help deposits look professional.
  • Better discovery: as we'll manually add metadata, even if it's custom [Coming Soon]!
  • Less work: as we’ll review tricky file deposits [Coming Soon].
  • Outreach: we’ll direct authors to your repository, and cc you, in requests to your authors [Coming Soon].
  • Integrations: allowing direct deposit in your repository [Coming Soon].
  • Priority support, input, training & set up.
  • Recognition of your leadership: Thanks on our sites.
  • Upgraded version of other Open Access Button tools.

"We're excited to finally build everything we've learned from mediated deposit into a simple tool, not a dozen workarounds, that enables every library to make self-archiving not just the right thing, but the easy thing, for every author"

Leila Sterman, Scholarly Communication Librarian, Assistant Professor, Montana State University Library.