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While itself is fully responsive and works at all screen sizes, this demo doesn't. The demo lets you interactive with our tools alongside detailed explainations of what you're seeing and why. That just doesn't work so well on a phone.

Please come back on your computer, or check our blog where we walk through the tool and how it works.

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You can put anywhere that you want people to deposit, and it'll blend into your website automatically.

Let us show you’s main features for libraries!

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When you put in a DOI, we'll show you the simplest way to make your work more open. If you're able to share an accepted manuscript, then you only need to drag and drop it.

We can do this because we've found all the metadata, checked what's legal to share, and ensured that it's already open access. Every word has been carefully tested with authors and librarians to make sure that it tells authors what to do and why (without the jargon)!

2/7 Try a deposit!

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It's immediately available! Doesn’t that feel great? That's exactly what authors want.

We automatically check that their upload is legal in more than 80 ways. Only then, do we deposit it.

3/7 Authors don’t always get it right though...

Then what happens?

Authors have a safety net

When we see authors upload the wrong version, we give them a helpful nudge straight away. They appreciate the library having their back, as well as being able to correct the problem in the moment, rather than getting bad news in their inbox later.

Of course, if we’re wrong, they can tell us. If we’re not sure, we send it for manual review.

4/7 What about when authors aren’t allowed to deposit?

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There’s always a way to make it more open!

Authors can always make their work more open with the tool.

Here, you can see one option available when author's can't share. If the paper has already been made Open Access, you can choose to have it deposited again!

5/7 How do deposits get into my repository?

Show me!

However works for you!

Our job is to make depositing simple for authors, and to save you time managing deposits.

You don't have to replace your current repository. Instead, we'll send you files and associated metadata to go right into your repository. On the left, you can see some of what we’d send you. You can get this sent in emails, in spreadsheets for bulk upload, in OAI-PMH feeds, or through an API.

6/7 See what it takes to get setup!:


Only three simple steps

Set it up yourself today in just 30 minutes by:

  1. Telling us how you want deposits delivered
  2. Adjusting your deposit preferences
  3. Copying a line of code to your website

No coding, special systems knowledge, or contract-signing are required.

Now you understand You can keep testing here, or...

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