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For change, not for profit

By making deposit simple, and enabling every repository to upgrade easily, together we can transform self-archiving, in process and perception, to make dramatically more content open access in an equitable way. It’s free, so anyone can use it, but we need your leadership to sustain it.


Free, Forever

  • with all the features above.


Flexible pricing, flexible length.

  • with all the features above.
  • Integrations: allowing direct deposit in your repository (when possible).
  • Less work: as we’ll review tricky file deposits.
  • Priority support, input, training & set up.
  • Recognition of your leadership: Thanks on our sites.
  • Upgraded version of other Open Access Button tools.

Leadership Investment

Describe your library
This helps us understand what an appropriate price may be.

Your Leadership Benefits Extend Beyond is built by the Open Access Button, which provides a suite of tools that advance Open. Your investment supports and gets you access to not only, but those too!

Local Benefits for You & Your Patrons

  • Extra features: on InstantILL and that benefit your library
  • Priority support: <18 hour response time 24/7.
  • Priority training & set up: If you need a hand, we're here!
  • Priority input: Guide the direction of our tools.
  • Early access: You’ll get new tools, and news, first.
  • Recognition of your leadership: Thanks on our site, and interviews on your thoughts.

Equitable Infrastructure For All

  • Enables innovation towards lower costs and better services, including for your library.
  • Supports non-APC driven Open Access lowers the cost of providing first class access.
  • Supports people who can’t pay to use our tools.
  • Supports competition with for-profit alternatives, and lower reliance on subscription content.
  • Supports maintenance
  • Supports open, transparent, community-owned, privacy-centric, values-aligned infrastructure.
  • Supports social infrastructure like OpenCon and SPARC.

We’re community owned, so we’re asking you to buy in

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